Bottle Conveyor System

Bottle Conveyor System

The speed capacity efficiency is related to the conveyor collocation .It’s a must to consider the temporary stop (such as: Label change) which should not affect the previous section running and also the coordination with the left part. Our production line layout fully considers the client investment and using efficiency.

It brings in the German technique and developed the design. Most of the parts adopts the punching and bending , which has good rigidity , lighter and easier exchange .Stable transportation ,easy maintenance ,applicable for diameterφ40~φ96 mm bottle.

It’s equipped with full bottle sensor in each section, All the section are linkage control. which meets the demand for the trace.

Main Features

1) Stable conveying, using synchronous chasing control between the conveying belt and engine, making bottles in good condition in the conveying: non-falling, non-block, non-jam.

2) Conveying belt is designed by module, component can be interchanged easily, compact structure, little noise, easy assembling and maintenance, have flexibility to combine the bottle type according to the different capacity.

3) The design of electrical control is advanced and rational. We can design the control method , select the electrical control component according to client’s layout, to improve the conveying stability.

4) Bottle protection rail should be fixed according to the demand , fix the bending point as well according to theory and real bottle out speed change(geometric proportion increase or reduce ).While set the synchronized control between conveyor and motor to avoid the falling ,jam and block.

5) Set the switch position according to conveyor layout or client’s demand for easy operation。

6) It adopts SUS304 stainless steel; the conveyor rank adopts two foot support; protection rack uses the stainless steel.

7) Main electrical component are OMRON, MITSUBISHI and etc.


速度容量効率は運送機配置に繋がります。一時停止を必ず考える必要です。例えば、ベルト入れ替え、既に運行している設備に影響できないです。他の部分との繋がりが上手く行かします。弊社の生産ラインはお客様の投資及び効率に操作可能を考えております。ドイツ技術を総合し、自社デザイン入れます。殆どのパーツはプレス加工、曲げ加工されます。良質な耐久度、軽量、交換しやすいです。安定な運行、メンテナンスしやすく、直径φ40~φ96 mmのボトルに応用されます。センサは各セクションに設置され、全ての部品はリンケージコントロールされます、精確にチェック要求に達します。











速度容量效率与输送机配置有关。必须考虑的临时停止 (如: 标签的变化), 这不应该影响上一节运行, 也与其他部分的协调。我们的生产线布局充分考虑了客户的投资和使用效率。结合德国技术并且自主设计。大部分零件采用冲压和弯曲, 具有良好的刚性, 更轻, 更容易更换。稳定的运输, 易于维护, 适用于直径φ40~φ96 mm的瓶子,在每段都装有传感器, 所有部分都是联动控制。满足了对跟踪的需求。

主要特征:送带和发动机之间采用同步追逐控制, 使瓶在输送中状态良好: 不倒瓶, 不挡瓶, 不堵瓶。

输送带采用模块化设计, 组件可互换性好, 结构紧凑, 噪音小, 易于组装和维护, 具有根据不同容量组合瓶型的灵活性。

电气控制设计先进、合理。我们可以设计控制方法, 根据客户的布局选择电气控制元件, 提高输送稳定性。

瓶保护导轨应根据需要固定, 根据理论和实际瓶出速度变化 (几何比例增加或减少) 确定弯曲点。同时设置输送机与电机之间的同步控制, 以避免倒瓶, 挡瓶, 堵瓶。

根据输送机布局或客户需求设置开关位置, 便于操作。

采用 SUS304 不锈钢;输送机等级采用双足支护;保护架采用不锈钢。