PET Blowing Molding Machine

Linear PET Blowing Molding Machine

Linear PET stretch blowing molding system has great realibility meanwhile with high-speed, high-volume development, specially developed and be able to produced enough PET bottles as requested for primary beverage company. Mainly be used for pure water and mineral water PET bottle blowing. The machine has reasonable structure, small footprint, low power consumption, gas consumption, good stability, and many other advantages.

Main Features

The whole operation with touch-screen operation, full Chinese display, production speed, shift production counting, fault type, etc. can be displayed on the screen. And automatic statistics failure time, fault type and other information, can achieve Man-machine dialogue.

Secondary blowing system specially designed to ensure the stability of the bottle molding quality, appropriate technology to meet customer standards.

Using four infrared heater thermostat control, digital automatic voltage regulator thermostat system.

You can set the appropriate temperature according to different preform is heated, and the other contains a variety of bottle-shaped blown required packages.

Equipped with automatic processing machines and preform billet hoist.